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BIO: Long story short, we are a solid group of friends who like to get @#$% done but don't want to kill ourselves to do it. We are real Gs who do real things outside of the game, but pride ourselves on seeing final tier bosses and getting it in where we can. We aim to aggressively tackle content in the upcoming xpac and progress as quickly as possible. We are not casual players and strive endlessly to min/max our toons.

  • We are looking for ranged DPS for our Mythic Team and always take skill > gear. This is a small realm so don't be a guild hopper.
  • We are looking for an officer for our weekend Heroic Flex Team.
  • We are ALWAYS looking for outstanding players regardless of our recruitment status.
  • Expect a short trial in our weekend Heroic Flex Team before you are granted a Mythic slot.
  • Contact Smartblonde/Nikidevonia for any interest in raiding.

Upcoming Raids:

  • Heroic Raid- Dec 2nd
  • Mythic Raid- Dec 9th
Current Raid Times:
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: 8:30 - 11:30pm
  • Saturday/Sunday: 9pm and 8pm

Thank you to everyone who donated to the expansion of our vent server from 25 slots to 40.
If you ever want to donate you can do so here:

A special thank you to Jesis for your large donation!


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Ilevels 11/21/2014

by Smartblonde, 5 hours ago

Current ilevel standings! Ilevel isn't everything but it gives us a solid idea who we will be up against Dec 2nd! Check it out:

Rank Guild Item Level
1 HashtagProgression (10) 633.11
2 Neurotic (10) 632.93
3 Evolução (10) 629.37
4 Obsidian (10) 628.61
5 Fractured (10) 626.95
6 Bless The Fall (10) 626.73
7 Censored (10) 625.37
8 Xtrème Fusion (10) 623.48
9 Necessary Evil (10) 620.12
10 Paradigm (10) 619.86
11 Renégades (10) 618.47
12 DEMIGODS (10) 614.94
13 Too Drunk To Fish (10) 614.60
14 Praetorian Vigiles (10) 609.16
15 Denial (25) 607.53
Rank    Guild    Item Level
1    Dont Be That Guy (10)    632.40
2    Stonards Mentality (10)    626.94
3    Carpe Imperium (10)    626.56
4    DAMAGE INCORPORATED (10)    619.37
5    Goblin Mafia (25)    619.18
6    Forsaken Few (10)    619.15
7    Serenity (10)    614.37
8    BlackOut (10)    612.74
9    Going Commando (10)    612.68
10    Last Night of the .. (10)    608.77
11    Thralls Angels (10)    606.24
12    Unscrupulous (10)    585.65
13    Promethean (10)    575.90
14    Grumpy Old Hit Pro.. (25)    574.44
15    Eternal Knights (10)    573.88

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WoD is OUT/reflections/thank yous

by Smartblonde, 7 days ago

Congrats Cali for being the first level 100 in the guild! Cali won a smashing 10k from the bank and another 10k from Mav!

In second place we have Zasor and in third Broken!

I have to say, its pretty exciting to see everyone online and leveling together. Over the last year we built something extremely special. We started out 2 full tiers behind everyone else and now we can proudly boast that we are the TOP alliance guild on the server! Through the countless wipes and broken hearts we managed to slowly climb our way to the top. I was thinking I'd like to put out some special thanks to people who worked extra hard, but the truth is there are too many to count and we have leveling to do (some of us slackers)! Each person in this guild is valued and personally important to me. I've learned about your lives and your kids and your friends and your wacky ways.......

This year we are going to go at it hard. Thank you to all of our old friends who made this community what it is, and also to the new friends we picked up along the way!

Wouldn't be a Neurotic post if we didn't end it was something crazy, so EAD and if you aren't 100 by Dec 2nd you can forget about getting a Mythic spot.....JK......but really...I'll help you level because I'm slow as @#$%! :)

Cheers Friends and Happy Leveling :)



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