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BIO: Long story short, we are a solid group of friends who like to get @#$% done but don't want to kill ourselves to do it. We are real Gs who do real things outside of the game, but pride ourselves on seeing final tier bosses and getting it in where we can. We aim to aggressively tackle content in the upcoming xpac and progress as quickly as possible. We are not casual players and strive endlessly to min/max our toons.

  • We are looking for ranged DPS for our Weekday Team and always take skill > gear. This is a small realm so don't be a guild hopper.
  • We are ALWAYS looking for outstanding players regardless of our recruitment status.
  • This guild is going to give you everything that you put into it back. We promise many dead bosses, many laughs, and tons of potentially lifelong friends. We are forced to be selective in order to ensure that Neurotic remains a great place to raid.
  • You are an adult! We will treat you like one, please act like one.
  • Expect a short trial in our weekly normal raid before you are granted a raid slot.
  • Attendance is key: Show up or risk losing your spot. Come ready to raid with food, flasks, pots, etc.
  • Be able to handle being given constructive criticism and be able to self-reflect on what you can do to be better next fight/pull/boss/encounter.
  • Logs! Look at logs to see how you can improve your rotation and be the best that you can be.
  • Contact Smartblonde/Nikidevonia for any interest in raiding.

Current Raid Times:

  • Weekday Team: Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: 8:30 - 11:30pm
  • Weekend Team: Saturday/Sunday: 9pm and 8pm
  • Normal Guild Raid, open guessed it...any guildy 630+ Wednesday 9pm


If you would like to donate to our vent server you can do so here:

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