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Mythic Garrosh DOWN!

BIO: Long story short, we are a solid group of friends who like to get @#$% done but don't want to kill ourselves to do it.
We are real Gs who do real things outside of the game, but pride ourselves on seeing final tier bosses and getting it in where we can.

Current raid times are:
Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 8:30 - 11:30pm
Saturday/Sunday 9pm and 8pm

We are currently looking for ranged DPS for our Friday/Sunday Group group and always take skill > gear. This is a small realm so don't be a guild hopper.

We are also ALWAYS looking for outstanding players regardless of our current recruitment status.

Contact Smartblonde/Nikidevonia/Wyntar/Tyia for any interest in a raiding slot.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the expansion of our vent server from 25 slots to 40.
If you ever want to donate you can do so here:

A special thank you to Jesis for your large donation!


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Better Late then Never!!!

by Smartblonde, 4 hours ago

Heroic Thok 10 Man vid. Good job we effin' earned it!

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by Smartblonde, 5 days ago

New logging!!! Garrosh log can be found here:

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Heroic Garrosh DOWN!

by Smartblonde, 6 days ago

Great job everyone. It has been a long road and a lot of tears (literally) and hard work. Get ready to kill him again next week. Amazing job everyone, I'm very proud to play with this team!

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