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About Neurotic

Heroic Xavius

- Progression:
- Current Raid Times:
+ WOD:Realm 1st Mythic Archy
MOP: Realm 1st Mythic Garry
+ Weekday Team Tuesday-Thur: 8:30 - 11:30pm
+ Weekend Team Saturday: 8:30pm - 11:30pm



+ GM/Raid Leader: Smartblonde
+ Assistant Raid Leader: Nikidevonia
+ Bank Master: Maverïck
+ Loot Officer: Niki/Smart
+ Melee Officer: Wreckital
+ Ranged Officer: Maverïck
+ Healing Officer: OPEN
+ Smartblonde: smartblonde#1399
+ Nikidevonia: antiacus#1428

Weekend Raid Leader:
+ Weekend Officer: Brûceleeroy

- BIO:
+ Neurotic formed in December 2013 when a bunch of great raiders got fed up with being told what to do. We decided from that day forward that We Do What We Want! We were several raid tiers behind current MOP content and no one gave us the time of day, but we didn't care! Quickly we rose in rankings and progression and ran not one, but four heroic teams and literally raided seven days a week. When mythic came out at the end of the xpac we combined teams and beasted down mythic Gary.

+ In WOD, we once again took realm first with 13/13 Mythic progression. Our weekend team also beasted down Mythic Archy in grand style bringing us to not one, but two 13/13 Mythic teams.

+ Neurotic is unique because we actually care about our members and our raid community is unlike any other. When we are not raiding (we are always raiding) we are helping gear members, trial raiders, and alts.

- Standards:
+ Guild > One Player - Any success is due to a TEAM EFFORT.
+ All loot on the weekday team is given out via loot council.
+ EPGP Lootmaster addon is required.

+ We always take skill > gear. This is a small realm so don't be a guild hopper.
+ We are ALWAYS looking for outstanding players regardless of our recruitment status.
+ Expect a short trial before you are granted a raid slot.
+ If you like drama we don't want you. You don't have to like everyone but you must be a team player and able to handle being called out.
+ If you like to cry over loot you aren't a team player. Our current roster of raiders would pass on any piece of loot in order to help the guild progress.
+ We would rather raid mythic with 19 good players than bring one more who doesn't mesh well with the group. We would rather wipe for HOURS AND WEEKS on a new boss than farm easy content.
+ Above all you will be treated with respect. You will get out of this guild what you put in.
+ We are not casual players and strive endlessly to min/max our toons.
+ Ideal raiders are able to take corrections and apply them right away. They look at logs after raid time to figure out what they can do to get better. They want to be the best version of themselves and want to see the entire team progress together.

- Additional Information:
+ Think you've got what it takes? If you want to raid in a place of like minded players who want to have fun and get @#$% done then this is the place for you.

+ Thank you for your interest in Neurotic.

+ If you would like to donate to our vent server you can do so here:

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